iOS 14 Beta 4 Release Date

iOS 14 Beta 4 Release Date

iOS 14 Beta 4 Release Date. The most important thing during the presentation was the new version of the operating system iOS 14. We wrote about the most important innovations in iOS 14 in the material. The final version will be presented in September. Until that time, developers are making an important milestone for any system, including the new version of the iPhone OS. This is the beta testing phase.

As you know, the first iOS 14 beta was released right after WWDC. Along with other operating systems, watchOS, iPadOS and macOS Big Sure. The developers started testing right away.

Apart from some bugs, the new version of iOS 14 beta works quite well. While public users wait for mid-July, everyone else is wondering: When will Apple release iOS 14 beta 4?

iOS 14 beta 4 release date

We wrote about when the public version will be released in this article. These are our assumptions and how much they will come true – we will find out soon. In the meantime, when iOS 14 beta 4 comes out.

Apple has said it will release a public beta during July. The release of the public beta usually coincides with the release of the second beta for developers.

When testing a new beta version, the company releases new updates every two weeks. Changes rarely happen. Taking this into account, the second beta version of iOS 14 may be released next week.

The beta 3 version of iOS 14 was released on July 22nd for all supported smartphones. By adding two weeks, we get the first week of July, that is, between Monday 3 August and Tuesday 4 August. Sometimes updates are released on Wednesdays, but rarely. Therefore, iOS 14 beta 4 will be released on August 3 or 5. And the same day may coincide with the release of the public beta version of the operating system.

In addition to the release of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, the release of the public beta version of watchOS 7 will be important in the update phase. Note that Apple Watch users have not received public versions of the update before this. Also, the company will release TVOS and macOS Big Sur for those wishing to test them.

To summarize

Before the release of the final version of iOS 14, developers will receive 8 or 9 beta versions. A couple of days before the official update, the Golden Master version of iOS 14 will arrive. It will mark the latest beta, and final release for everyone.

The iPhone 12 release date is not yet known and is constantly changing. Usually the company releases a new iPhone with a new version of the operating system at the same time. Let’s see how it will be this year.

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