How to download iOS 15 Beta

How to download iOS 15 Beta

How to download iOS 15.1 Beta Profile. Is your phone compatible with iOS 15? If you have an iPhone with iOS 14, the answer is yes and you can install the first beta of the new operating system right now.

It’s available to developers right now, so you only have to become a developer by paying a small fee (and also access other beta software).

iOS 15 Beta Release Date

You can also wait for the public beta to come out sometime in July – or, if you’re not adventurous and don’t want to risk experiencing potential glitches in iOS15 right now, wait for it to come out in September alongside the iPhone. 13.

Here are the instructions on how to install it right now:

Register as a developer at Apple

You will need to be registered in the Apple Developer Program to access the beta of iOS (and the rest of Apple operating systems). To do it as an individual, visit the registration page and follow the instructions. The cost is $ 99 per year.

iOS 15 Supported Devices

Before updating to iOS 15, please make a backup

Before installing iOS15 beta, we recommend that you make a backup of your iPhone – in case anything happens. Remember that it is a beta. This way you can update your iPhone settings, apps and your data in case something goes wrong.

The iOS 15 developer beta is probably buggy or may freeze often in the current state – that’s why it’s a beta, to hunt down the problems. That is why it is even more important to make a backup in case you are the “lucky one” to discover a bug that sanded all your precious iPhone data.

To make a backup, follow the usual procedure:

  • Click on Settings.
  • Choose iCloud.
  • Click on Back Up.
  • Tap Back Up Now to start the cloud backup process.

Download the iOS 15 beta profile

To get a software update from Apple before it’s official, you’ll need to download a system profile for your iPhone. On your iPhone, visit and follow the instructions to download the beta profile:

  • Tap on the hamburger menu at the top left of the screen.
  • Select “Downloads”
  • Browse until you find iOS 15 beta.
  • Click on the ‘install profile’ button.

Once downloaded you will need to install the profile in the Settings of your iPhone.

Install the iOS 15 Beta profile

To install the profile, several manual steps have to be done. If you see a “Profile Downloaded” message you can press directly and it will take you to the menu to install the profile directly. If you don’t see it, follow these steps to install it manually:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on General.
  • Select Profile.
  • Select Profile Downloaded and click on the iOS 15 beta profile to install it.

Download and install iOS 15

Once the iOS15 beta profile is installed, do not exit the system settings. Go directly to General and select Software Update. (iOS 15 Beta Profile Download)

If everything went well you will see that you now have the option to download and install iOS15 beta. It’s 5GB so connect it to the network and wait for it to download and install.

Upon completion, your iPhone will restart with iOS15. On an adventure!

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