iOS 14.5 Beta Download

iOS 14.5 Beta Download

iOS 14.5 Download. After iOS 14.5 beta was released last week, developers with iOS 14.5 beta 8 profile can download the next version of Apple’s iPhone operating system. The update is accompanied by new versions of the operating systems for the iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

iOS 14.5 Beta 8 Release Date

Specifically, Apple has released the following new operating system versions in an initial test version for developers to download.

We are currently still collecting information on the associated innovations, but the first indications already point to significant functional expansions.

iOS 14.5: 5G in dual SIM mode

According to initial reports, iOS14.5 beta also comes with the option of using 5G connections in dual SIM mode. Only last week we had the fact that the new iPhone models in dual SIM mode work exclusively via LTE. This will obviously change in the future.

iOS 14.5: New game controllers are supported

Game controller support for iPhone and iPad will also be available with iOS14.5 beta. expanded. In the future, the devices will be compatible with the latest controller models from Sony and Microsoft and will also support the PS5 Dual Sense Controller, for example.

How to download iOS 14.5 Beta Download

  • Follow the link from the Safari browser to download the developer profile required to iOS14.5 Beta Download.
  • Set the developer profile in the menu “Settings” → “General” → “Profile” (a reboot is required).
  • After the reboot, go to the menu “Settings” → “General” → “Software Update” and start downloading iOS 14 beta 5. In the first days after the release of iOS14.5 beta 7, the download can be lengthy due to the large influx of people who want to install the update.

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