iOS 14.3 Beta Download

iOS 14.3 Beta Download

iOS 14.3 beta download. Not only has Apple upgraded the Xcode beta to a slightly odd version number, but will release the first developer versions of iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3 this month. It’s surprising that system version 14.1 is neither beta nor finally available. There is also a beta version of tvOS 14.3, in the case of watchOS it is System 7.1. No major innovations have emerged for tvOS and watchOS to date. Something will happen to iOS / iPadOS 14.3 in the control center.

iOS 14.4 Beta 2 Release Date: December 30

iOS 14.3 – what innovations await us

If you hear a song on the go, you can listen to Shazam and let the title determine. iOS 14.3 now also integrates the functionality into the control center, where there is a new Shazam button. The Control Center offers another new function, namely music and podcast suggestions. These appear when no music is currently playing or a track has ended.

Since now only the third beta version is available for download, it is possible that the list of innovations presented below may be expanded as more recent assemblies are released. Consider this.

How to download iOS 14.3 beta

  • ProRAW support for iPhone 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max;
  • Safari native support for Ecosia search engine;
  • The function of disabling notifications about the execution of quick commands;
  • Application recommendation engine during initial setup (inactive);
  • Hidden icons of AirPods Studio headphones and AirTag search tracker;
  • Partial support for third-party trackers in the Locator app.

How do I install the iOS 14.3 Developer Beta 3?

To install the iOS developer beta, you need a paid developer account and must therefore be part of the iOS14.3 developer program. Log in to Apple’s developer portal with your Apple ID and load the profile you want onto your iPhone or iPad. iOS 14.3 beta download.

If you don’t have a developer account, you can also access the free iOS Public Beta.

iOS 14 Beta Profile Download

What is the difference between iOS Developer and Public Beta?

Public beta is aimed at all interested users who want to try out iOS before the official release and help fix bugs and errors. In contrast to the developer beta, the public beta is available completely free of charge, but usually appears some time later.

The developer beta is usually always available some time before the public beta and enables developers to adapt their apps to the new operating system as quickly as possible. However, a paid developer account is required for the download. So the beta is really only available for developers.

How do I install the iOS 14.3 Public Beta 3?

To install iOS 14 PublicBeta on your iPhone, you must first log into AppleBeta software program with your Apple ID. You must then register your device there and download a profile published by Apple on your device. This can be found in the settings and must first be installed by you. After a restart, the available update will be displayed in the settings under General> Software update. In our video “How to become an iOS beta tester, we explain in detail how to install the public beta.

Which devices will receive the iOS update?

Apple brings iOS14.3 for all devices that currently also support iOS 13 or iOS 14. This means that all iPhones from the iPhone 6s or later will receive the software update.


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