iOS 14 Release Date

iOS 14 will be released on June 3. The only question now is when exactly can users expect the new operating system. We tell you.Only recently, Apple announced many much awaited news at its developer conference WWDC 2020. Including official details on the upcoming version of the in-house operating system for iPhone, iPad and Co. But even more burning interested: When will the iOS 14 release date? We give you an overview.

iOS 14 release: We know that so far about the software

First, to the features of iOS 14. What was announced on June 3 on Apple’s WWDC 2019, namely, includes some innovations that brings the upcoming operating system with it. So there will be some first-time features, including a system-wide dark fashion and a new voice for Apple’s Siri.

Other iOS 14 features that have been introduced are mainly for usability and economy. So in future, you can select Wi-Fi networks directly from your control center, Dolby Atmos gets a data saver mode, iMessage and FaceTime will support two SIM cards on one device, Siri will be part of apps like Safari, Maps and Apple Podcasts, and even unwanted calls automatically block the digital assistant in the future.

ios 14 release date

With the upcoming iOS 14 release, Apple is also pursuing its optimization course, which was already started with the previous version iOS 13. The new iOS should work even faster and more efficiently:

  • Faster app updates
  • Twice faster app load times
  • 50 percent less download size of apps
  • Apps can be downloaded via LTE connection
  • Face ID is 30 percent faster

The schedule for the iOS 14 release

But when does the iOS 14 release come? Currently, the first beta version of iOS 14 is already available for developers, as some bugs still need to be ironed out.

The further schedule for the iOS 14 release, according to TechRadar, looks like this:

  • June 2019: Release date iOS 14 Beta 2 for developers
  • July 2019: Release date public beta version of iOS 14
  • Early September 2019: iOS 14 release date “Golden Master” (final beta version)
  • Mid-September 2019: possible iOS 14 release date with the new iPhones 2019

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